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Christian Videos & Public Views Library

Click Photos Below To View Watch Complete Prophecy Series Movies
A Thief In The Night
Click Photo To View A Thief In The Night
A Distant Thunder
Click Photo To View A Distant Thunder
Image Of The Beast
Click Photo To View Image Of The Beast
Years Of The Beast
Church Videos - Christian Affairs, Youth, Kids

Omega Code


The Champion

To Hell And Back

The China Cry
Click  For The China Cry

Video 1 .Video 2 .Video3
Part #1 Part #2 Part #3

Revolutionary #2

Angels Of God

Resurrection On Trial

Years Of The Beast

Winston Reval
Click To Hear Winston Raval
To Young To Die
Click  For To Young To Die

The Emissary
Click  For The Emissary

More Than A Carpenter
Click  For More Than A Carpenter

Tsunami Videos And InfoClick Photo For, What Is The Tsunami

The DaVinci Code Delusion
Click For Video For The DaVinci Code Delusion

Danny Moore

Click To Hear Danny Moore
Darlene Zschech Guitar Chords Guitar Tabs Israel Houghton Guitar Chordes lyrics guitar tabs Brian Doerksen Chords
Inspirational Videos - Teaching, Songs, Movies
Gifts & 10 Tongues
ClickTo Hear Sermon 10 Tougues

A.A. Allen Video,Sermons

The Gospel For Kids
Click For A Gospel Study For Children

Jesus Christ Our Hope

Fathers Love letter
Click For Fathers Love letter To You

Asbury Revival
Click For Asbury Revival

Mohawk Hair Cut For Jesus
Youth Cut Pastors Hair

Lord's Prayer Flash Movie
Youth Cut Pastors Hair
R.W.Schambach Sermons
Click Photo Below To View Sermon Videos Of AA Allen

Methodist Youth, Water
Click Photo Below To View Video, Turn Up The Heat

The Ark Of The Covenant
Click  For The Ark Of The Covenant

The Exodus Of Egypt
Click For The Exodus

Mount Sinai
Click  For The Ark Of The Covenant

Sodom And Gomorrah
Click  For The Ark Of The Covenant

The Noah's Ark Is Found
Click  For The Ark Of The Covenant

A Prayer For Isreal Flash
Click  For The Ark Of The Covenant
Ron Kenoly, Praise
ClickTo View Christian Music Video, Lift Him Up Part #1

What One Man Can Do
Click To View Video What Can One Man Do For God?

Martin L King Sermon
Click For Video And Audio Sermon Of Martin Luther King

Gospel Music For Teens
Gospel For Teens

Asked Who Is Jesus
ClickTo View Questions Who Is Jesus

This Is Who Jesus Is
Answer! This Is Who Jesus Is

American Dream
Click For The American Dream

Psalm 23 Flash Movie
Click For The American Dream

World Affairs Videos, News Sent HP - 911 Secrets, Gov. Lies, New Order

Higher Praise Received These Videos Below From Many Christians, Who Are Wanting Answers To Questions About Some Major World Affair Issues.
We At HP Show These For Educational Purposes. Our Opinion Is Neutral
! Being News Is One Of Higher Praise Resources, It Is HP's Responsibility To Share What Other Christians Are Thinking And Sending Into Our Network. It Is Up To The Viewer To Decide What Is The Truth. Higher Praise Has Strict Guidelines And Will Only Show Content That Is Well Researched And Not Just Some Fallacy.
Click Photos Below To View Articles And Videos

Lou Dobbs: Govt Not Credible Lou Dobbs: Govt Not Credible

Did Explosives Destroy Towers

Part #2 Explosives Took Down Trade TowersPart #3 Explosives Took Down Trade TowersPart #1 Explosives Took Down Trade Towers

Video #1 ...Video # 2
..Video #3
Pres. Bush On New Order Of Ages
Pres. Bush On New Order Of Ages

John Todd
And New World Order
Click For New World Order And Witchcraft

Mason And
The New Order

The New World Order

JFK Against Secret Societies
JFK Against Secret Societies

Skull & Bones
Pres. Bush & Kerry In Skull & Bones

New World Order Speech
Click Photo To View Video, Sept 11 1991 Bush New World Order Speech Click Photo To View Video World Order Speechs
Video #1.. ......Video # 2
An Inside Job? Inside Job

Exposed , Click 3 Video

Part #1Part #2Part #3

Video #1 ...Video # 2
..Video #3
Explosions Heard On Sound Meter
The Evil Of Skull & Bones

The Mystery Of 911

The Lies & Crime Speech?
Put The Murders In Jail

The Mark Of The Beast Is Here
The Mark Of The Beast Is Here

The Evil Of Skull & Bones
The Evil Of Skull & Bones

Afghanistan War
War In Afghanistan

700 Christian Music Videos Click Photo Below/
Click Photo Below To View Hundreds Of Your Favorite Bands

Over 500 Christian Music Videos

Click For Higher Praise Tube
American Dream Article, Casting Crowns Video/
Click Photo For Video: American Dream Music Video And Article
Click For The American Dream
The American Dream! Traditionally, Americans have sought to realise the American dream of success, fame and wealth through thrift and hard work. However, the industrialisation of the 19th and 20th centuries began to erode the dream
Click Above Photo To View Article And Video

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