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Higher Praise News Letter

Higher Praise Update Info

Higher Praise honors David Wilkerson for his many years of service for Christ

David Wilkerson The Victory Of The Cross

When I heard the news that David Wilkerson was in a serious accident and passed my heart sunk. I grew up with his teaching, the Vision, the anointed preaching etc.
David Wilkerson, 79, died on April 27 after his car fatally collided with a truck in East Texas. He was laid to rest at a private funeral last week at Rose Heights Church of God in Tyler, Texas. His wife, Gwendolyn Wilkerson, 70, survived the crash and is currently recovering after surgery for a broken hip.

NEW YORK - Thousands belonging to the immediate and spiritual family of David Wilkerson celebrated his life, legacy, and love for Christ at a memorial service Saturday at Times Square Church in New York City.

Pastor Don Wilkerson says his older brother David Wilkerson was like a "father figure" to him during the memorial service on Saturday, May 14, 2011, at Times Square Church in New York City.

Speakers, including leadership of the church Wilkerson had founded and his relatives, honored the evangelical pastor for a life "well-lived" through personal testimonies and songs rejoicing that he is now in heaven.

"It was all about Jesus Christ," Carter Conlon, senior pastor of Times Square Church, said of Wilkerson's life.

"Everything that Wilkerson did, lived, believed and preached centered around the cross of Jesus Christ, the forgiveness of sins, and the wonderful and full, abundant life that God promises to those who would turn to Christ with an honest heart."

Greg Wilkerson thanked supporters for praying for his family following the news of his father's passing and his mother's hospitalization.

CEO Founder

Just a note for every one about the current news and archived news section. The news is current and updated daily. Great for sermon facts or just to be on top of what is happening in Christian News Example below

Current News

Archived News

Top Headlines

CEO Founder


Thanks to Jones Vendyl for submitted audio sermon, enjoy

Gemora of Luke, The #2 - The Riddle of The Messiah
Click To Listen To Sermon
Gemora of Luke, The #1 - The Riddle of The Messiah
Click To Listen To Sermon
Zohar of John, The #2 - Echoes of Eden
Click To Listen To Sermon
Riddles of The Squence of Events
Click To Listen To Sermon
Zohar of John, The #1 - Echoes of Eden
Click To Listen To Sermon
Mishna of Mark, The #2 - The Talit
Click To Listen To Sermon
Summary Of Feasts
Click To Listen To Sermon
Midrash of Matthew, The #1 - Rejected King or Rejected Kingdom
Click To Listen To Sermon
Midrash of Matthew, The #2 - Rejected King or Rejected Kingdom
Click To Listen To Sermon
Mishna of Mark, The #1 - The Talit
Click To Listen To Sermon
How The Jews View the Bible
Click To Listen To Sermon
Midrash of Matthew, The #1 - Rejected King or Rejected Kingdom
Click To Listen To Sermon


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New Higher Praise Tube: Video Site

http://www.higherpraisetube.com Has been totally changed, the web site is more user friendly with added account features. I had to find a technician to set this up being it is a new format. I nor volunteers could do it. Every subscribers now has there own interface where they can change colors, add favorites songs lists, build a friends community list, accept subscribers, send videos and be in contact with all subscribers. God is building a web community of believers that can share teaching, songs, photos, MP3 sermons and videos. Please broadcast your ministry for free around the World.

CEO Founder

Rated Search, Plain Search and HP Google Search

The new lyrics tabs and chord directory was completed some time ago. I again had to find a technician to set this up being it is a new format. I nor volunteers could do it. The new chord directory is much easier for everyone to find what they are looking for. The Rating search Plain search and HP Google Search are available for searching our data base of songs. Here is a brief description of the three

Rated Search: http://www.higherpraise.com/MusicMidi.htm
This directory is equipped with many new features, Title and Artist search and more.
Songs in this directory that have many versions of the same song title are listed under the one title. Once that song title is clicked on, all the other versions of the same title, chords tabs and lyrics are seen. This eliminates searching through hundreds of the same title mixed in with other titles that are close or near the same in title. Some still prefer the Plain Search (old search) that we have available where all the titles the same are seen instantly on the same page.

This Rated Search directory has a star rating beside every song title we have. The rating is by how many yellow stars are by the song title. The more stars a song has the better the rating, the maximum rating is 5 stars. Ratings are the result of users rating the lyric chords and tab pages. This is done by simply finding the song you need and on that song page is where the item can be rated, by clicking on the 5 star ratings 12345 Stars. The songs can only be rated after the song has been opened and seen. The song title directory gives the rating, the direct result of the song page being opened and rated. Please use the star rating system on the songs page to rate the song. Please use this great tool to rate the songs you use, this will help all to find the best rated songs in this Christian directory

Plain Search or (Old Search): http://www.higherpraise.com/Music_Midi.htm#A
This directory is equipped with many features, Title and Artist search and more.
Songs in this directory that have many versions of the same song title are all listed on the same page so all the listings of the same title are one after another. Many users like the plain directory, being all the,chords, lyrics and tabs are side by side and visible, meaning less clicking. I feel what ever gets the job done easier is why we provided both ways of searching

This Plain Search directory does not have the rating system on the directory titles list, but the song page you open and see can still be rated. This is done by simply finding the song you need and on the song page is where the item can be rated, by clicking on the 5 star rating 12345 stars.

This was one of many directories I created over the years and many still love it and find it the best for the way they search for songs

HigherPraise Google Searchr
The Google search at the top of every page is linked to Higherpraise web site. Use the search to find every item on Higherpraise. Every item that is on higherpraise is listed in the google search at the top. Many use this to find and item right away.

CEO Founder


Brand New Gospel Sound From Born To Praise Records
Eva Sabiniano, 13 Year old Power House Sensation of The 21ST Century

Eva Sabiniano

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release)July 1,2010 www.evaborntopraiseministry.com Eva Sabiniano plan to travel more than ever now that school is out for the summer, making some appearance on television. her music is now playing in 80 different countries and spreading across the country.This year has been great harvest for her ministry, such as sing with Kirk Franklin and other well know internation gospel artist,Kirk produce ARE YOU LISTENING which being aired on many major christian video television, network song being play on radio station everywhere.She join Rapper / Singer EVAJ who's producing his very first CD with Eva on one of the track which will be release radio stations in the future.biggest surprise a well known group plan to prerecord one of her very first single Jesus Is Always With You, which gotten people attention.The Modest Women Magazine added her on the front cover which was another great mill stone for this young lady.At 13 year old others are opening up for he ,and she feel very bless and honor.some of her songs from born to praise cd's 1 & 2 have been on some charts which we're very please see happening with help of her team support encoragment.few weeks ago her Governor invited her to come sing the national athem.Eva unsigned christian artist who operate as a professional artist sign with a major Record label because she very faithful to her calling minister to other as well to herself. Presently serving at Charisma Christian Center in Lynnwood,WA worshipping,leading and assisting young kids at church.was winner of the 2006 FCS Asian American Idol Champion on September 2006. Nominated for Newsome,Stellar and Ensound Entertainment with few others. Eva has archieve so much at such young age with so much to come in the future with her new record label. Please go to your local stores and request them to order Eva Sabiniano Born To Praise CD 1&2 and contact local radio station and let them know you want to hear her songs because young people are one of the biggest supporter as well buyers in the market today.have your church book this young lady so she come perform in your city this year invite all your family and friends.

Contact Booking: Eddie Sabiniano, President of Born To Praise Records
Media: Min. Sammy Jackson


Redemption, found only through the blood of Christ. These words set the
backdrop for PRo’s sophomore release. Armed with melodic synths, intense
drums, and witty wordplay, PRo aggressively tackles the topic of our need for
a savior. “The end goals is simple,” PRo answers when asked about his new
project. “My heart is to show people that God is due glory based solely on the
fact of WHO HE IS and although we are all sinners, the perfect Christ died in our
stead so that we could attain eternal life”
Musically, Redemption is a diverse offering. With production from K-Drama,
Marv4Mobeats, and others this album is guaranteed to leave your speakers
banging for days. PRo also enlists the help of Lecrae, Brothatone, and more
incredible lyricists to tackle topics to everything from Christian community to life
in the “club” atmosphere.
Regardless of your musical tastes, everyone who listens to Redemption is sure
to be encouraged, challenged, and prayerfully changed. This is much more than
an album. It’s a declarative statement of God’s mercy on all humanity. Our hope
is that after listening to this album, the hearer is compelled to see God bigger
than anything imaginable and dedicate their lives to “knowing Him and making
Him known.” More info click Here


The new lyrics tabs and chord directory is almost completed, it will be much easier for everyone to find what they are looking for.

Thanks to Tim Hansen for his submission of song charts

Thanks for the new Sermons by David Smithers

David Smithers - A Holy Priesthood
David Smithers - Alexander Moody Stuart
David Smithers - Andrew Bonar
David Smithers - Apart From Prayer We Can Do Nothing
David Smithers - BETHANY-The House of Revival
David Smithers - BETHANY-The House of Revival
David Smithers - C.H. Spurgeon
David Smithers - Charles G. Finney
David Smithers - Childlike Humility
David Smithers - Christmas Evans
David Smithers - Count Zinzendorf
David Smithers - David Brainerd
David Smithers - E.M. Bounds
David Smithers - Edward D. Griffin
David Smithers - Edward Payson
David Smithers - Evan Roberts
David Smithers - For Jesus' Sake- A Call to Holy Passion
David Smithers - George Fox
David Smithers - Gilbert Tennent
David Smithers - Girolamo Savonarola
David Smithers - Has God Told You To Stop Praying?
David Smithers - Holy Longings
David Smithers - J.H. Weber
David Smithers - James Caughey
David Smithers - James O. Frasier
David Smithers - John Hyde
David Smithers - John Oxtoby
David Smithers - John Smith
David Smithers - John Sung
David Smithers - John Wesley
David Smithers - Jonathan Goforth
David Smithers - Mordecai Ham
David Smithers - Pandita Ramabai
David Smithers - Phillip Jacob Spener
David Smithers - Richard Baxter
David Smithers - Robert Murray McCheyne
David Smithers - Sarah A. Cooke
David Smithers - Stonewall Jackson
David Smithers - The Intercessors of the Hebrides Revival
David Smithers - The Korean Pentecost
David Smithers - The Pastor & Revival
David Smithers - The Seeds of Revival
David Smithers - The Two Closets
David Smithers - The Womb of Revival
David Smithers - Uncle John Vassar
David Smithers - Why Did The Fire Fall In 1857?
David Smithers - Will You Miss the Coming Revival?
David Smithers - William Booth
David Smithers - William Bramwell
David Smithers - William C. Burns
David Smithers - William P. Nicholson

CEO Founder


God bless all the fathers, every one of us have a father in heaven who cares for our needs. May every dad be blessed with Gods richest blessing this week and always.

More and more I am finding that China is loging onto Higher Praise. Some times I find it hard to understand why we cant do more to help these countries in need of resources. Vietnam is also another place that is in need of Bibles and Christian resources. Please be in prayer for these countries we are trying to reach for Christ

A new directory for items is being created. The new directory will make it easier to find what your looking for and will also have a rating system for items used. We should have this up soon. Please be looking for it.

Thanks for all who have submitted videos to higherpraisetube.com this month. Special thanks to Philip Carter for Let's Go To Church video. Thanks to dentsy lab for Healing Hand of God by Jeremy Camp. Please have a look at higherpraisetube.com and be blessed by the videos that artist have sent in.

CEO Founder


Thanks to all musicians and song writers for the new Chord charts and Tabs.


Special thanks to Ben for the chord charts sent in. Thanks also to Amy and Greg for there guitar arraignments on some older songs. Thanks to Jeff and Belinda, missionaries in the south of Thailand, for the song: Only a Boy Named David.

Higher Praise library has be built by Christians Artist , Musicians, Guitar players, Worship leaders and Pastors. Many have sent in there original works, others have worked out new chord progressions to songs, making the sound different from the originals but unique. I praise God, freely they have given of there works. Freely you have received, Freely give.

Musicians and Artist who are givers, almost every one I have interviewed, said when they gave out freely of what God gave them, God gave back to them more, open doors, financial rewards and eternal blessing in heaven.

Please pray with us for China Malaysia Vietnam Philippine's and Taiwan, Higherpraise is receiving traffic from the Asian Communist World. God is using the Internet to reach into these poor countries with the Gospel. These folks are so poor they will go to Hotels that offer free Internet use. With a pencil they write out sermons and materials needed, because they cant afford the printing cost. This is how some of the Pastors, and worship leaders get resources in the countries I mentioned.

Enjoy HP resources, we pray a great blessing in your church and worship this week

CEO Founder


When we think of missions or missionaries, we most likely will think of going outside the country or people that go outside the country to do missions. There maybe a small amount of people that thinks of the existing mission field at their jobs, schools, the Starbucks, carwash or right out side of their front door. For that very reason X Hustler Music LLC, founder Travis Thi’sl Tyler has teamed up this summer with K-Drama, J’son, Pro and Dj Morph to bring you, “The Urban Missionary Tour.”
With more than 24,650 new churches started in 2009 alone and over 10,000,000 church members registered in the U.S., you would think that there would be a flood of missionaries living throughout the communities of the America, but there aren’t.
This summer prepare to be ignited by five of Christian rap’s “Urban Missionaries” as they bring the “Good News” to a city near you.
If you’d like more information about booking “The Urban Missionary Tour,” please send your request to booking@xhustlermusicnow.com

Artist: PRo
Single: Hold Me Down

Reflection Music Group recording artist “PRo” is back with the first
single from his long awaited sophomore album “Redemption.”

“Hold Me Down” is a testament to the mercy of the Lord in everyone’s
life. An anthem that echoes the fact that we are all sinners saved
through faith by God’s grace. Marv4Mobeats delivers a stunning canvas
of melodic synths, driven by booming kicks and an unforgettable piano
arpeggio. United with a catchy hook and powerful verses, “Hold Me
Down” is sure to inspire the soul to humility in the presence of a
glorious God.

Available Now


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